Hello friends, I would like to share with you a very cool opportunity I have coming up very shortly! This coming month of June I will be rocking it out in California with a wonderful Sports Ministry called SportQuest. I will be interning at the San Diego site to help prepare, coordinate, and lead a mission trip for young athletes to train them in the ways of sports ministry.

What I hope to do is use my blog as a way to keep y’all updated on how the internship is going and what I am learning. This is a new role of leadership for me, one I am both excited for and nervous about. I hope that my gifts are used well and that the Lord is able to provide an incredible experience for all of those involve despite any shortcomings I may have. The Lord equips those He calls, and I have no doubt that this internship and any lessons I learn from it will be part of His equipping me for the future. I am also nervous about traveling to the opposite side of the United States with a wound that has not fully healed yet (side note: two days ago marked one year since my surgery, so this wound has been around for a while.). But I trust that no matter what the Lord is in control and is working regardless of whether I see that work or not.

Two years ago I was fortunate to take part on the SportQuest San Diego 2014 team. The trip was a week and a half long, and in that time we were trained and put in charge of running a week long sports camp for the children of Valley Center, California. One of my most vivid and important memories of this trip was on the Thursday night of camp when the Lord showed me how He feels about me. Sounds weird, but God literally showed me the emotions He has toward me. It was an experience quite hard to explain but impossible to forget. Since that night I have never doubted that the Lord is with me. The little church in which this experience took place and the people around me from that point on dug deep into my heart. I am thrilled to go back now and serve so that another student may have a similar, empowering experience with the Lord. That work and experience is obviously up to the Lord to provide, but I hope that I may be an encouragement and fellow learner as we work to share His glorious name with the campers and parents we come into contact with.

As I said, I hope to keep updating my blog with my thoughts and experiences in San Diego while I am there. Please keep my team, Valley Center, and I in your prayers as we embark upon this awesome opportunity to work, learn, and love on and in California. Thank you so much, and God bless you!


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